When to Wear Your UGGs

UGG etiquette

Because our favorite boots are so policed by the fashion industry, one of the question we get asked often, inevitably, is when it’s okay to wear your UGG boots. Although we’ve tread this ground a little bit in the past, we think this is a unique question that deserves to be addressed. We think it’s appropriate to wear your UGG boots anytime the weather is appropriate – a guideline which can be stretched to include just about every season except summer, we think. It’s too hot for UGGs in the summer, and you’re better off in an open-toed shoe during those sweaty months anyway.

Wear them around your yard

So within spring, fall, and winter, where is it okay to wear your UGGs? Well, all casual occasions, we think! Wear them out shopping when it’s cold or wet, wear them to go get coffee with a friend just around the corner, throw them on to pick your daughter up from kindergarten, etc. You can also wear them around your backyard when you’re playing with the dog or with the kids, or just sitting on the back patio with a nice cup of coffee on a cool morning. You can even wear them to do yardwork – just remember to let your husband do the hard work – unless of course you enjoy cutting down trees! Or, even better, hire a professional to do that kind of hard work. No, really – we recommend letting a professional company like http://getgreentrees.com/ trim those unruly trees!

Casual outings only

It’s almost certainly a good idea for you to only wear your UGGs when the occasion is casual. Because of the world we live in today, it’s just not really very acceptable to go around wearing sheepskin at something as semi-formal as the club, or even your daughter’s dance recital. People will definitely question your sense of style and relationship with taste if you show up to a gala or art exhibition wearing your UGG boots. For formal settings, it’s essentially a requirement to wear leather – or, if you’re going to go with a fabric, sometimes a very nice pair of seude shoes is acceptable, but don’t be caught dead in a pair of UGGs or other fabric shoe!

Whenever you wear them, wear them with pride

The most important thing to remember is that whenever you need to be comfortable you can count on your UGGs to give you that comfort with a little bit of extra style. Just keep them casual!

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Celebrities in UGGs

Around here we all know how great UGGs are – you just can’t beat their sense of comfort and utility in one pair of shoes, they’re just unarguably the best despite what all the haters may say – and it would seem that Hollywood agrees, still, even after all the flack they’ve gone through in fashion magazines for stepping into the public in our favorite boots.

Blake Lively outs herself as UGG lover

One of our favorite actresses on the silver screen, Blake Lively, best known for her role as Serena van der Woodsen on the popular TV show Gossip Girl, stepped out just the other day to hail a taxi wearing none other than – you guessed it my intrepid readers – a fabulous pair of UGGs! We love her all black getup paired with her brown handbag and brown UGGs, accented with that gorgeous teal scarf.

Hollywood loves UGG

Lively isn’t the only actress traipsing through New York City in our favorite footwear. Photographers have taken dozens of photos of actresses wearing the boots around town, and on their tv and movie sets between takes, or during takes that don’t require the bottom halves of their bodies to be on-screen during filming. With some fashion magazines calling UGGs more than just a trend, it seems inevitable that we’ll be seeing more and more famous people donning the boots this year. So, readers, don’t be too self-conscious about wearing your UGGs this season – after all, if Blake Lively can do it, why can’t you?

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The UGG Boot: Officially Back in Style

The UGG boot has taken a lot of flack in recent years, especially from fashionistas and men around the world. Though UGGs have been proven to be some of the best footwear around – the most durable and comfortable, to name a few good qualities – it seems they always have their detractors. While we here at the Outlet don’t tend to listen to the naysayers, it’s undeniable that after a stint as fashion’s most popular accessory, the UGG boot fell out of the good graces of the fashion world.

UGGs are popular again

The funny thing about it is, despite falling out of trend, UGGs never really went away. Celebrity photographers have regularly photographed our favorite stars walking around town in these boots, whether they’re making runs to the grocery store or making their way around tv and movie sets.

Recognizing this fact, Vogue has officially taken the stance that UGGs are back. We say they never left, but we’re happy with Vogue’s acknowledgement that our favorite boots (of which our closets are full!) are acceptably fasionable once again.

Ignore the rules

Along with their pronouncement that UGGs are back in style, Vogue gives a list of rules that should be observed with wearing them. We thought about reproducing them here for you, but the fact of the matter is that they’re so asinine we couldn’t reasonably support them. Nevertheless, you should feel good knowing that, despite the last few years of animosity toward your coziest boots, you can now wear them again without fear of judgment. Long live UGGs!

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Pair Your Uggs


Welcome back, UGG boot lovers! In this second half of our special on how to wear your UGGs, we’ll discuss how to mix and match your boots with your wardrobe.

Wear your UGGs with anything

The great thing about UGG brand boots is their incredible versatility — they go with anything! Be like Paris Hilton, back in the day, and wear your UGGs with your leggings; rock an innocent high school girl look with a short skirt, brightly colored knee socks, and your favorite pair; put together a casual look with skinny jeans, a baggy blouse, and some blingy accessories; or go punk and tuck your baggy pants right into your boots. The possibilities here are endless.

We just don’t recommend wearing them in a formal setting… but then again, if movie stars can do it, why can’t you?

When to wear your UGGs

One thing you should take into consideration is when to wear your UGGs. A great fuss has been made by fashionistas and laymen (and we do mean MEN) about women who wear their boots out-of-season. Although we think they’re asinine arguments, public opinion has been swayed: you should stick to wearing your UGGs when the weather is appropriate. Now, we think you can interpret this liberally… In a great number of climes, the temperatures can get low in fall, winter, and spring — push your luck, and wear them during any of these times of the year. Just avoid wearing your UGGs in summer – that sheepskin will make your feet hot and sweaty, anyway!

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How to Wear Your Uggs


So you’ve decided that a pair of UGG boots is finally going to make its way into your closet — congratulations, treat yourself! — but now you’re having a hard time deciding which pair to buy. There are so many to choose from, after all: should you buy classic black, to match anything? What about a neutral color like beige or gray, colors that won’t draw attention to themselves? Or should you go with something bold like neon pink or bright blue, to make your UGGs the center of attention? Don’t worry — we’re here to help!

Know your season

The first step in knowing how to wear your new UGG boots is obvious: buy the right pair! Because there’s little variation in the UGG boot formula, your number one concern is going to be color, and you’re have to consider that variable in a number of ways. First, you’ll want to complement your season: if you’re a winter, with pale skin and dark features, a neutral color UGG will complement those features. If you have a darker complexion with darker features, that is, a fall type, you’ll want to bring those features out with earth tones like brown.

Consider your colors

But you’ll also have to consider the colors you have in your wardrobe, too. If you already have a lot of bright, neon-colored bottoms, you’ll want UGGs that are more muted so that they don’t clash — and vice versa. If you have a lot of red, don’t buy red UGGs – unless you plan to dress all in the same color of course (but why would you plan that?!)

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The UGG Trademark Saga


It’s no secret that we love UGG brand boots around here – and the buying public overwhelmingly agrees with us. But did you know that, until quite recently, there was an international dispute about who owned the name UGG?

Generic term or specific product name?

We can’t begin to talk about the argument over the UGG name without telling the history of the UGG boot. Luckily, we’ve already done that elsewhere on our site, in a previous post. Here’s what you need to know: the term ‘ugg’ is, in the countries of Australia and New Zealand, a generic term for that refers to a specific kind of shoe. Uggs in Australia are simply unisex boots made from sheepskin.

Elsewhere in the world, however, UGG is a registered trademark owned by Deckers Outdoor Corporation, the U.S.-based company that owns UGG Australia, the makers of the boots we know and love.

The final decision

As Deckers tried to secure the name UGG around the world as a brand name, a group of Australian manufacturers of ugg boots united under the name Australian Sheepskin Association in order to defend their right to sell their boots under the generic name ugg. In the end, Deckers won the right to sell their product under the UGG brand name everywhere in the world except in Australia, where another company, Perth’s Uggs-N-Rugs, won the right.

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Charting UGGs rise in popularity


Have you visited a college campus in the last five years? Chances are, if you have, you’ve noticed how popular UGG boots have become. Not that we’re complaining — we love them! And since we know they’re a quality product made responsibly, well — why wouldn’t they be popular? Still it’s interesting to see so many young women (and even men!) wearing these shoes all over the country… how did UGGs get so popular?

Dude, where’s my car?

The origins of UGG popularity in the United States can most reliably be traced back to California surfers — one, in particular: an Aussie named Brian Smith. Smith brought dozens of pairs from his native Australia with him when he came to California, and the boots eventually attracted the attention of a local distributor who purchased the brand in 1995.

Hollywood royalty boosts visibility

The boots didn’t attract much attention until famous actresses who dated surfers began to wear them. Think of Paris Hilton in the mid 2000s, who wore the boots with her sweat pants tucked into them. Perhaps the biggest popularity push the boots received was from the queen of marketing herself, Ms. Oprah Winfrey. Winfrey reportedly bought 350 pairs of UGG boots for her staff, and then introduced her 7 million viewers to the brand in 2000. That kind of push alone was enough to rocket the boots into a whole new level of visibility and fame — and helps explain how they made their way onto the feet of half of the college campus population!

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Sheepskin defines UGG

black sheepskin

In our post yesterday, we started our discussion regarding why sheepskin is so important to the UGG products we love. We talked about what sheepskin is and how its grade is determined. Today, we’ll get into the specific reasons why sheepskin is used, and why it’s so integral to the quality of UGG brand boots and other products.

A host of benefits

Perhaps the most obvious reason that sheepskin is such a good choice for UGG brand products is because of its well-known and excellent insulation properties. Because it retains heat so well, it’s used to make all kinds of clothing meant to keep us warm: gloves, slippers, hats, rugs, and pelts are just a few. In addition to retaining heat, sheepskin is also an excellet absorber of moisture. It draws the moisture away from the wearer, and retains 30 to 36% of it’s own weight in moisture!

If that wasn’t enough reason to use it, sheepskin is also hypoallergenic — so it won’t cause any allergic reactions to wearers — flame resistant, and resistant to static electricity!

The key to UGG brand’s success

It’s no wonder that sheepskin has been used for centuries, in cultures spanning from Russia, to Spain, to North America — and by UGG. It becomes apparent now why UGG products are so durable and effective – sheepskin ensures that UGG products are warm, fire resistant, resistant to static electricity, and keep moisture away from wearers.

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The magic of sheepskin


One of the reasons we love UGG brand boots and products – and, undoubtedly, one of the reasons they’ve grown so popular around the world – is because of their practical versatility. Although they’re very stylish, no one would buy UGG boots if they didn’t also keep your feet warm — and we think you’ll agree they’re pretty good at it! Why? Sheepskin!

What is sheepskin?

We talked a little bit about sheepskin in one of our previous posts, where we discussed whether UGG products were cruel to animals. As we said there, you can think of sheepskin like leather, but from a sheep. There’s one big difference: sheepskin is tanned with the fleece intact, unlike leather, which is just the skin. Sheepskin is also sometimes called lambskin.

Determining quality

The quality of sheepskin is rated on a scale from one to five based on the visibility of seed, that is, scar tissue. 1 means there is no visible seed (though there may still be seed present, it is simply not visible to the eye); 2 means there is light seed, but it is usually concentrated in the belly area; 3 is medium seed, with light seed visible over much of the surface but concentrated in the belly and leg regions; 4 means there is heavy contamination through a majority of the wool, with the worst of it being in the belly and leg region; and 5 means the wool is blurry with seed.

In our next post, we’ll talk about why sheepskin is used generally, and why it makes UGG products so darn good.


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Are UGGs Cruel?


Something we should address is the rumor that UGG boots, our primary product here at UGG Boots Outlet, are made at the expense of animals. Although this rumor was started sometime in 2000 by a group called the animal liberation movement, this criticism really began to take off in the late 2000s when Pamela Anderson realized that UGG boots are made from sheepskin. Let’s get to the truth of the matter.

What is sheepskin and where does it come from?

Sheepskin is similar to leather, only instead of cows, sheepskin comes from sheep. The UGG brand sources the sheepskin from sheep farmers who meet strict standards outlined in their animal welfare policy. The sheepskin comes from sheep farmers who raise their sheep for food — according to the American Sheep Industry Association, 90% of the value of a sheep is derived from its meat and less than 10% is derived from the sheepskin itself!

UGG is a responsible business

The truth is, UGG is incredibly responsible when it chooses its sheepskin suppliers, ensuring that the sheep were not raised specifically for their skin, that the sheep were not abused, and that the sheepskin is traceable to farmers who meet their strict standards. While some activists will never be satisfied as long as animals are killed for human consumption, we here at UGG Boots Outlet feel comfortable selling UGG boots because of UGG’s respectable business practices. You can rest assured that no animals were mistreated or unnecessarily harmed to make the products you buy from our site!

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